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Black Grave Marker
black granite grave marker-r203

Black Granite Grave Marker
Carved in Polish
28 x 16 x 3

Grave Marker Information to help you design a beautiful grave memorial stone.
We have many different styles of beautiful marker designs to choose from.

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Granite Marker Pricing

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CREMATION GRAVE MARKERS - Start as low as $265 for a 12" x 8" x 3" Gray or Oxford Granite Headstone. Photo etching is available on any Black Granite for an additional $250.

GRANITE GRAVE MARKERS- Start as low as $355 for a 24" x 12" x 3" for a Gray Oxford Granite, or for $480 for a 28" x 16" x 3" Oxford Gray Granite - we will help YOU create a special memorial. We also offer other granite colors which will vary in cost depending on your needs.

Laser Photo etching is available only on Black Granite Markers for an additional fee of approximately $250 to $450.00 depending on artwork being requested.

Ceramic Porcelain Photos, whether black and white or color cameo can go on any color granite that you may choose. Porcelain Ceramic Photos will add about two to three weeks to the production time of your grave marker granite order.

WE CAN MAKE ANY CUSTOM DESIGN. Most custom designs can be selected from any of our granite marker choices to create a beautiful Custom Memorial for you! Standard Basic Lettering includes: full name, year dates or full dates and ten words of endearment for either a single or companion granite grave marker design. Additional lettering may however be added, it is normally charged by the word after the first ten words. Note - Some Foreign Lettering may require extra charges.

Shipping to any cemetery is easily arranged in the USA! Shipping cost is based on weight and distance. We Guarantee it to arrive in good condition either directly to the cemetery or to any other address you may specify.

ORDER NOW! Simply click on the thumbnail picture to enlarge your design choice. We are pleased to take your order over the phone and/or by fax/mail. Let us help you create a custom granite memorial in stone as we have for 100's of other families for over 25 years!

HOW THIS WORKS! - You do not need to have all the details of your desired Memorial to order now! Simply select the type of Design and "What you Want to Say" about the person you loved. We will then create a "Layout Proof" that is either mailed, faxed or emailed to you for viewing and approval.

You will be allowed (1) minor change to the proof, without any extra charge! Based on the choices you have made, we will then offer our advice. For Each Additional Proof we have to create, there is an additional small minimal fee of $35 per proof. Production of your Grave Marker will not start until you have approved the final "Layout Proof". IT'S REALLY THAT SIMPLE!

We have many different granite colors available for your consideration, such as Paradisio, Bahama Blue or Green, Blue or Emerald Pearl, India Red or Black, Mahogany, Rainbow, Salisbury Pink or Imperial Gray. These unique and beautiful color granite stones are the finest available from around the world for very little additional cost.

Other sizes that we have available to chose range from 6" x 12" x 3" to 20" x 60" x 3. We are also able to offer 4" thick granite (required in some cemeteries) by special quote.

Simply call us at 760.332.8450 or email us for further information on any other sizes, colors, or special requests.

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Shipping available to the Continental USA

Alabama AL | Arizona AZ | Arkansas AR | California CA | Colorado CO | Connecticut CT | Delaware DE | Wash DC | Florida FL | Georgia GA | Idaho ID | Illinois IL | Indiana IN | Iowa IA | Kansas KS | Kentucky KY | Louisiana LA | Maine ME | Maryland MD | Massachusetts MA | Michigan MI | Minnesota MN | Mississippi MS | Missouri MO | Montana MT | Nebraska NE | Nevada NV | New Hampshire NH | New Jersey NJ | New Mexico NM | New York NY | North Carolina NC | North Dakota ND | Ohio OH | Oklahoma OK | Oregon OR | Pennsylvania PA | Rhode Island RI | South Carolina SC | South Dakota SD | Tennessee TN | Texas TX | Utah UT | Vermont VT | Virginia VA | Washington WA | West Virginia WV | Wisconsin WI | Wyoming WY

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