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Columbarium Estate Cremation Bench Front

Columbarium Cremation Estate Bench Rear

Why families choose a cremation bench made of granite for memorialization?

Ground burial is becoming more expensive every day and that is why families are turning to cremation. Not all families desire to cremate and scatter the cremains.

Families are deciding today that they wish to have some sort of memorialization, and this is where a cremation bench comes into memorializing our loved ones.

Cremation benches allows families to place up to four sets of cremains/ashes into a granite gremation bench. Additionally a family is able to inscribe their family name on the bench. One side of the bench will allow for an epitaph to be inscribed or a bronze metal plate to be adhered on their cremation bench.

Furthermore, it allows a family to purchase only one or two grave plots to place the granite bench on the family plot. This will normally save a family many hundreds of dollars.

You also have the opportunity when selecting a columbarium estate bench, to choose from the many different colors of granite for your cremation memorial.

Look over the many different design selections of granite cremation benches and customize that granite cremation bench to you liking. Make it a fitting placement on your family estate burial space for your beloved.

Cremation Benches or Upright Granite Monuments are a Heritage to our ancestors.

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Granite Cremation Memorial Estate
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Granite Cremation Memorial

Cremation Bench

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  Type 772 (Economy)
Seat:  48" x 14" x 4" POL TOP BAL SAW
(2) Legs:  (Rectangular) - 12" x 4" x 14"
Type 774
Seat:  48" x 16" x 4" ALL POL
(2) Legs:  (Tapered) - 16" x 4" x 14"
  Type 776
Seat:  48" x 14" x 4" - ALL POL
Support:  44" x 8" x 14" POL-2 BRP

Now available in 2 sizes!

Size A... Seat is 36” x 14” x 4” All Polished with a leg that is 30” x 8” x 14” tall

Size B... Seat is 48” x 14” x 4” All Polished with a leg that is 42” x 8” x 14” tall

Both sizes have 2 cremation holes in the leg of the bench. The price includes standard carving and lettering of up to two first names and dates.
Please EMAIL us for shipping quote to your ZIP code. We can only ship to a business address.

Type 775
Seat  48" x 16" x 4" ALL POL
(2) Legs:  (Custom) - 16" x 4" x 14"
  Type 786
Seat:  52" x 14" x 4" ALL POL
(2) Legs:  (Custom) - 12" x 4" x 14"
Type 778
Seat:  48" x 18" x 4" - ALL POL
(2) Legs:  (Tapered) - 16" x 4" x 14"
  The styles of benches shown here are readily available.
We keep many in stock in the most popular colors and sizes.
Call us so we can quote and customize your design idea.

Granite Monuments are custom made.

Colors available that are stocked for the cremation/benches are as follows:

Carnation Pink, Rubin Red, Jet Black, Forest Green,
Pink Rose, GRC Gray, Coral Blue, Paradisio